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VoisilmapullaHow long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 11:35
Hello and apologies for not being able to write in Finnish language :(

I am a reflux sufferer and I am looking into wedge pillows (kiilatyyny) and I can see that they have different lengths (pituus). A well-known company in Tampere offers pillows with a length of 80, 90 or 120 cm.

How can I choose the most appropriate length for me? If this matters, my body height is 175cm (approximately 100cm from my feet to my waist and 75cm from my waist to my head).

Thank you very much for your help. Kiitos!

female77Re: How long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 16:16
Hello. Once in the past I ordered wedge pillow from Tampere. The pillow was very hard and not good for my back. It also smelled bad. Then I ordered another ones from Equanimo shop, from Bratislava, Slovakia and I found these much better. They are ökö-tex quality. Also my mom has those from Slovakia. I m Finish girl, but time time Slovakian pruducts are the best. But I don t need wedge pillows anymore cause I am on paleo diet and I dont have bad acid reflux anymore.

female77Re: How long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 16:18
And the lenght has been right from equanimo but I dont remember the exact lenght is.

female77Re: How long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 16:31
It s 80cm, I am 178cm.

VoisilmapullaRe: How long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 21:21
Hello female77,

Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, the Equanimo shop does not currently sell the EZsleep wedges (due to the Coronavirus, they say). Out of curiosity, what height is your Equianimo wedge? There seem to be 2 sizes, 20 and 30 cm.

Thanks again

PS. You can respond in Finnish, I will manage to translate!

female77Re: How long should a wedge pillow be?4.7.2021 22:04
My wedge s high is 3x10cm, so I have ordered 3 different parts containing wedge, 3x10 in one packet. 3 wedges can be piled up or just one or two parts, what suits me best, so I can regulate the high as I like.

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